The American School NOT in Switzerland
While working at TASIS* England, I encountered a rogue publisher named Steven Myrear who produced a series of newsletters that chronicled the goings on of another American school called TASNIS. I found it interesting that the names, history, and places mentioned in Myrear’s “TASNIS Tat’ler” often reminded me of my own school, TASIS. There was even some confusion regarding the similarity of my own name with that of the scoundrel Myrear. On one occasion I found a note in my mailbox suggesting that I be fired. I eventually met Myrear and told him of the problems that his newsletter had caused me. He merely laughed and suggested that I move to Switzerland.

*The American School In Switzerland
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At a faculty meeting one spring, the new school calendar was distributed to the staff. It turned out to contain numerous errors and caused quite a stir. The headmaster promised that a new calendar would be put in everyone’s mailbox the next day. When staff members checked their mailboxes the next morning, they found this calendar from Myrear instead.